Native Garden Examples

Front Landscaping Package

Your Choice of Native Plants

When you buy land at Lake Treeby, you receive a bonus front landscaping package.  The amounts vary by lot and location and are listed at the bottom of this article.

You can physically walk around and see some examples of  plants at our Sales Centre.  However, you can choose whatever plants you like – they do not have to be the examples we’ve planted here.


The plan below shows where the different natives are planted, along with names and images of the plants.

You can download our example plants here.

You can check out the ornamental plant examples here.



NA01 Wattle

Acacia ‘honey bun’ wattle

Mature height: 1.0m

Mature spread:1.0m

acacia honey bun wattle

NA02 Coastal Rosemary

Westringia mundi

Mature height: 0.6m

Mature spread: 1.0m

Westringea mundi Aussie Box coastal rosemary

NA03 Cut-Leaf Hibbertia

Hibbertia cuneformis

Mature height: 1.5m

Mature spread: 1.5m

Hibbertia cuneiformis cut leaf hibbertia

NA04 Dampiera

Dampiera linearis ‘colbolt mound’

Mature height: 0.3m

Mature spread : 1.0m

Dampiera linearis cobolt mound

NA05 Snake Vine

Hibbertia scandens

Mature height: 0.3m

Mature spread: 1.5m

Hibbertia scandens snake vine flowers

NA06 Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos flavidus ‘bush blitz’

Mature height: 0.7m

Mature spread: 0.5m


NA07 Tea Tree

Leptospermum hybrid ‘pink cascade’

Mature height: 1.0m

Mature spread: 1.5m


NA08 Snake Bush

Hemiandra pungens

Mature height: 0.4m

Mature spread: 1.0m

Hemiandra pungens snake bush

NA09 Cotton Heads

Conostylis candicans

Mature height: 0.5m

Mature spread: 0.5m

Conostylus candicans cotton heads

NA10 Banksia

Banksia integrifolia prostrate

Mature height: 0.7m

Mature spread: 1.5m


NA11 Mat Rush

Lomandra Lime tuff

Mature height: 0.6m

Mature spread: 0.6m

Lomandra Lime Tuff mat rush

NA12 Spider Flower

Grevillea ‘bonnie prince charlie’

Mature height: 1.0m

Mature spread: 1.0m

grevillea_bonnie-prince-charlie spider flower

Value of Front Landscaping Packages

You can choose either a native plant theme or an ornamental plant theme for your front landscaping package.

Our package value varies according to lot size and lot location. These values are set out below.  All amounts include GST.

Land Size Radiance Precinct Landscaping Value Other Precincts Landscaping Value 
Up to 300m² $4,500 $3,500
301m² – 400m² $5,500 $4,500
401m² – 500m² $6,000 $5,000
501m² and above $7,000 $6,000