Community Tree & Construction Update

Our Community Tree is near completion and likely to be installed near the edge of our lake before the end of 2023.Punched steel leaves will have the names of new community members, recording the first residents in Lake Treeby on the  lower branches.  The Tree is being created by Western Australian Martin Jaine Sculptures and uses recycled metal in its fabrication. The sculptural tree form with stylised branches is not only a tribute to the historic use of this area as a market garden, but also to the value of trees in our environment.Below are some images of the tree in construction.  They just show the top half of the tree, which will be attached to the trunk. 

You can read more about ourcommunity initiatives here.

construction-update-our-community-tree-martin-jaine-sculptures-lake-treeby our-community-tree-martin-jaine-sculptures-lake-treeby-progress

Construction Update

Granite boulders are currently being placed around the edges of the lake.  Playgrounds, play structures, footpaths, BBQs and boardwalks will follow when that rockwork is completed.  Brickwork on the Lake Treeby entry statement has commenced. Landscaping for the triangle park between Lycaste Parade and the nature reserve in Bloom precinct has commenced. Bloom Stage 2 is complete and open to the public. Titles for this stage were issued in March 2023.  Radiance Stage 3 has sewerage, drainage, water and gas mostly complete.  Retaining walls are in progress. Civilworks have commenced on site for Bloom Stage 4. 

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