Adventure & Nature Play

A perfect areas for kids of all ages to play and explore, right near the Lake.

Adventure For All Ages

The primary nature adventure zone will have plenty of play structures to keep everyone amused. Some of the planned features include:

  • Steel cubbies with climbers over the top
  • Two slides for different age groups
  • Basket swing.



Keeping Kids Entertained Outside

Other outdoor features include:

  • Dry river-bed with a water pump, stepping stones, stepping logs and balancing logs
  • Walled cubby with chalk board, wooden  stools a spinning puzzle
  • Two angled climbing nets and one central climbing net
  • Activity boards.



Shady Trees & Grass

Nearby will be grassy areas, suitable for relaxation or just kicking the ball.  We’ve included plenty of shady areas with seating and there’s also a look out  over the lake with  binoculars.



Keeping Kids Safe

Of course, there will be a safety fence between the lake and the nature adventure zone to ensure the kids are safe.


Stay close to the serenity of a lake to meet your own peace of mind.”
Munia Khan