Buyer Profile

Lake Treeby is attracting the type of people we’d love to have as our neighbours.

Quality Neighbours

Lake Treeby is attracting a healthy, diverse community.  They’re worldly and well travelled.  Many have owned their own home before and value the importance of a well maintained home and a good relationship with their neighbours.


Along with a vibrant and interesting mix of cultures, the community will have people of all ages. There’s families with children, younger singles and couples, plus some older people whose children have already left home. 

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A Healthy, Active Workforce

Being an estate that’s designed for health & wellbeing, we’ve noticed that we’re attracting people with a strong interest in being healthy.  Some of them even work in health.

  • Living at Lake Treeby will be doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, paramedics, rehabilitation specialists, support workers, pharmacists and more. Around 15% work in a health related field.
  • We have a solid proportion of highly educated, white collar professionals, including engineers, managers, digital and IT professionals, accountants/auditors, pilots and teachers/lecturers.  Plus other white collar professions such as retail/sales person, admin, bank and finance clerks.
  • Although it’s lower, there’s still a few blue collar workers, including fitters, FIFO workers, cooks and hospitality workers, truck/bus drivers, plant operators and mechanics.
  • A few people run their own businesses.
  • Just a small number are retired or stay-at-home parents.
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A Multicultural Community

Our neighbourhood will welcome and celebrate the rich cultures of our world.

  • Just over one third of our buyers are born in Australia
  • Around one in five are born in India, with another one in ten coming from Sri  Lanka,  Nepal, Bangladesh or Pakistan.
  • Just under one in five are born in South East Asia – either in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore or Brunei.
  • 5% are from China/Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan
  • 5% are UK born
  • Other countries of birth include Zimbabwe, Croatia,  New Zealand, Iraq, Fiji, Canada, Serbia, Mauritius, Liberia, France and Afghanistan.
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A Genuine, Diverse Community

A well functioning community has a good representation of all types of people.

  • Just over six in ten Lake Treeby buyers are buying their second or third home. 
  • The vast majority of our buyers intend to live here, but 13% are investing in Lake Treeby.
  • Just over half our residents have children and a similar proportion are purchasing jointly, with another person. 
  • Nearly two in ten purchasers are in their 30s. Almost one quarter are in their 40s. One in five are under 30 and a similar number are over 50 years.
  • Our male/female proportion of buyers is close to half, with just a slightly higher proportion of male purchasers.
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An Appealing Location

Our Lake Treeby buyers come from a huge variety of suburbs, but in true Perth fashion, mainly those who already live south of river.

  • Recognising what an outstanding job Perron Group did at Holland Park private estate, over one tenth of our buyers come from Piara Waters.
  • Nearly one in ten live in Canning Vale.
  • Many live right nearby in suburbs like Southern River, Harrisdale, Atwell, Jandakot, Success, Banjup and Cockburn.
  • And then, within  Perth, buyers come from places as far south as Golden Bay, as far north as Carine and as far east as Roleystone.
  • Outside of Perth, we have buyers from NSW, Victoria and South Australia, as well as international buyers from Singapore, Malaysia and NZ.

Lake Treeby is a great place to live for people from all walks of life.

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