The Lake

A beautiful, central area of Lake Treeby, for all ages of our community to enjoy.

Beautiful Green Space

Stunning mature trees have been retained around the natural lake to provide effortless beauty and immediate shade. Under and near several of these trees will be beautiful open grassed areas that provide views across the lake.


There will also be barbecue and picnic facilities where you can socialise with friends and family in relaxing green space. Adding to the beauty and lining the surrounding Avenue will be beautiful Jacaranda Trees, showcasing luxurious purple flowers.


Keeping Active

To encourage and enable physical activity, the lake design includes the following:

  • A footpath circuit around the lake for people to walk or jog.
  • Peace and wellbeing zone with an exercise deck and open grass. Here you will be able to stretch, do yoga, read a book or just simply relax.
  • Open kickabout areas to have a few kicks of the footy or soccer ball.

Simply Enjoying The Lake

Above some gentle cascades leading into the lake will be some decking and a boardwalk, where you can appreciate the lake.  In all, there are four areas around the lake with decking to stop and enjoy the view.

A fifth area includes waterfront seating and our unique Community Tree, with views across the lake.


Family Friendly

For the kids, there will be a nature adventure zone with shade structures. Within this area are some more barbecue and picnic facilities, so kids can play whilst adults can socialise.

Of course, the kids can still enjoy riding around the lake, kicking a ball, walking across the gentle cascades or climbing a tree.


Lake Plans & Timeline

Our lake is a natural lake and already exists. However, the surrounding landscaping and planned facilities are due for completion in 2022. See below for the proposed plan for our beautiful lake.


Lake Treeby estate lake plans
Stay close to the serenity of a lake to meet your own peace of mind.”
Munia Khan