Lake Update & New Release

We’ve just released 20 new lots in our popular Bloom precinct. The lots range from 263m2 to 537m2, with seven being over 400m2.   

These are the last lots in our Bloom Stage 4 release and land titles are expected in early 2024.

These lots are surrounded by green, lying close to the nature reserve and precinct park.  Some of these lots are directly opposite the park or nature reserve, but hurry, as those will sell fast!

Lake Landscaping Update

Our lake recreation area is progressing well and is expected to be fully complete and open by early 2024.  

All the civil engineering works have been completed and the landscaping has started.  The first landscaping works will be to create the water cascade.  This cascade will have several pools between the cascades, with a bridge over the main pool.  It will not only look beautiful, but will also help to aerate the lake and keep the water moving.  The lake landscaping is currently expected to be finished by early 2024.

We had been pumping water out of the lake to enable grading and rock work, but now that is complete, the lake will start refilling with natural rainwater.  

lake treeby lake landscaping update

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