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Lake Treeby land is now selling. Our land for sale is in a premium neighbourhood that has been designed to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Radiance Precinct

Radiance is a premium, spacious precinct.  Some key features are that it:

  • is completely surrounded by green space
  • has larger lots
  • provides beautiful views down most streets to landscaped parks


  • welcomes people in with quality mini-entrance statements only present in Radiance precinct
  • has large shady trees lining the streets
  • provides the buyer with a more generous front landscaping package which includes an extra $1,000 on top of other precinct bonuses.
Lake Treeby Radiance_new-land-release-park-yoga

Beautiful Landscaped Streets

Key street landscaping will have that something special.  This includes unique mini-entrance statements with beautiful laser-cut metal.  Other street entires will be enhanced with wall and art treatments and mature trees.


Radiance will also have community-focused street corners with art or parklets that include a beautiful, shady tree, seating and a community element. These will help set a more premium feel, encourage community interaction and add shade and greenery to the street.


Larger Lots & Generous Landscaping

More larger lots are planned for Radiance. In addition, the periphery park will have a premium, relaxed recreational feel, with a meandering path connected to the overall walking circuit, large shady trees and seating areas.


More generous front landscaping packages, topped up with an extra $1,000, will also be provided to Radiance buyers.  This will allow people to access a wider variety of flowering shrubs and more mature trees. The impact of this will be to create a more premium feel amongst the homes in a much faster timeframe.


Lake Treeby Radiance_new-land-release-jogging-path

Surrounded By Green

Radiance is completely surrounded by relaxing green space – making you feel like you’re in nature, yet you’re just 25 minutes to the city.  To the east are nature reserves, home to beautiful native wildflowers and birds.


To the west will be a large sports oval, suitable for soccer, AFL, cricket, rugby and more. To the south west is the feature lake recreation area, with a walking circuit, adventure zone, exercise deck, BBQs, grassed picnic areas, nature play, gentle cascades and more.

Lake Treeby land for sale radiance water joggers

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