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Lake Treeby land is now selling. Our land for sale is in a premium neighbourhood that has been designed to enhance your health and wellbeing.

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Lot Release Frontage Land Size Price
20Lake Terrace9m130m2$168,000View Lot
30Lake Terrace9m130m2$174,000View Lot
396Lake Terrace10.5m153m2$178,000View Lot
397Lake Terrace10.5m158m2$190,000View Lot
22Lake Terrace6m180m2$196,000View Lot
23Lake Terrace6m180m2$202,000View Lot
24Lake Terrace6m180m2$202,000View Lot
25Lake Terrace6m180m2$202,000View Lot
27Lake Terrace6m180m2$202,000View Lot
28Lake Terrace6m180m2$202,000View Lot
386Lake Terrace6m180m2$208,000View Lot
387Lake Terrace6m180m2$208,000View Lot
391Lake Terrace6m180m2$208,000View Lot
388Lake Terrace7.5m225m2$230,000View Lot
501Lake North12.5m250m2$246,000View Lot
502Lake North12.5m250m2$246,000View Lot
499Lake North10.5m263m2$257,000View Lot
513Lake North15m297m2$263,000View Lot
514Lake North12.5m285m2$266,000View Lot
569Lake South10.5m315m2$268,000View Lot
491Lake North12.5m305m2$269,000View Lot
489Lake North15m312m2$275,000View Lot
659Lake North12.5m350m2$301,000View Lot
657Lake North12.5m350m2$304,000View Lot
649Lake North17m368m2$308,000View Lot
481Lake North15m357m2$315,000View Lot
546Lake North15m357m2$320,000View Lot

Designed for health & wellbeing

Lake Treeby private estate offers an exceptional range of land for sale. Our Treeby land will be surrounded by 33% green space, including a stunning lake, two nature reserves, an oval and small parklets within the neighbourhood streets.

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