Community Tree by Martin Jaine

Our Community Tree is a stunning sculpture that celebrates every first resident at Lake Treeby residents.

It’s located right next to the lake and is made from recycled steel. Each first resident will have the opportunity to get their name on a sculptural leaf, which will be attached to the tree.

Inspiration of the Tree

The inspiration of the Community Tree came from the desire to create an element within the landscape that each resident can have some contribution to and identify with. The sculptural tree form with stylised branches is not only a tribute to the historic use of this area as a market garden, but also to the value of trees in our environment.

Punched steel names on the leaves represent the new residents in Lake Treeby. These will be placed on the lower branches for better visibility, whilst the upper leaves are plain.

A Growing Sculpture

The tree is cleverly designed to ‘grow’ as the community grows. As residents get older, they can show younger generations their leaf on the tree and so on. We hope the tree becomes a talking point, a meeting point, a resting point and the ‘family’ tree of the community.

About Martin Jaine

The Community Tree was created by Western Australian Martin Jaine Sculptures.

Martin was born in New Zealand in the mid 60’s and came to Australia in 1989.

He’s been a farmer, antiques dealer, builder and sculptor. He started Martin Jaine Sculptures in 2011, where he focuses primarily on transforming various recycled materials, such as rustic metals, into stunning, handmade pieces of art.

Find out more about Martin here or visit his Gallery Garden at Earlsferry House in Bassendean:

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