Meet Your Neighbours Community Event – Aug ’23

We recently hosted our very first Meet Your Neighbours and Development Update on Wed, 2nd August at the Sales Centre.

The event aimed to foster connections among future residents and provide them with the latest information about developments at Lake Treeby estate. We had over 50 people in attendance, including five children and a dog! 

What Happened

Attendees listened to Martin’s presentation about development updates, including fencing, landscaping, future releases, and the Community Tree. 

lake treeby community events meet your neighbour aug 23 development update presentation martin head

Following the presentation, attendees were divided into six groups and played three rounds of Meet Me Bingo where they answered questions to get to know each other. Well done to the winners in Group 2!

lake treeby community events meet your neighbour aug 23 playing bingo

Event Feedback

Our first community event was well received with nearly two thirds being extremely satisfied and the remainder rating it a 4/5.

Main likes were:

  • Getting to meet neighbours
  • Developer update
  • Bingo game.

Top rated attributes were:

  • Friendly hosts (86% extremely satisfied)
  • Venue / Opportunity to meet and interact with others / event length (57% extremely satisfied).

Attributes to improve were:

  • Quality and type of food and drink
  • Quantity of food and drink

The main improvement suggested was to hold it on a weekend/Saturday and potentially make it a bit longer to allow more time to mingle. Other single mentions included:

  • Bigger event / event with all residents
  • Event in the park
  • Change type of food – fruit/yoghurt/muesli more suited to mornings.
  • More opportunity to meet people from the same street – and have that connection at the beginning.

Overall, our first Meet Your Neighbours event was a great way to see our future residents connect and begin to create a sense of community. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

lake treeby community events meet your neighbour aug 23 group at lounge martin head

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