New Bloom Lots Released Today

18 new Lake Treeby lots will be released at 3pm today. The new land release will have lots ranging in size from 250m2 to over 450m2, with nine lots being 400m2 or bigger. They are nestled between the lake, park and nature reserve, with good access to Armadale Rd.

You can view the Bloom Release here.

More Lake Details

Our stunning lake will have a 327m lake perimeter walking circuit. Stationed along the walking circuit will be drinking fountains with bowls for dogs.

There’ll be four areas with decking to enjoy the way, as well as another area with our Community Tree and and waterfront seating.

The relaxation area includes:

  • Gentle cascades
  • Bridges over water
  • Wooden deck suitable for stretching, meditation, pilates or yoga
  • Flower seats
  • Seat of repose
  • Informal log seats.

View more details about the lake concepts and recreation area here.

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