Treeby Primary School

Treeby Primary School is an Independent Public Primary School located in the suburb of Treeby.

The school prides itself on putting students at the centre. It helps them to reach their full potential with a supportive network of caring adults, peers, and the wider school community.  As such, the school motto is Growing Precious Minds.

About The Principal – Jane Wescott

Principal Jane Wescott has a strong investment in the ‘whole child.’ She aims to provide opportunities for students to succeed academically, and to flourish in their personal development. Principal Wescott says,

“I’m passionate about every child learning to believe in themselves and their capacity to achieve more than they ever thought they were capable.  I have high expectations of everyone in our school community and am committed to students achieving academic excellence, whilst also prioritising the development of the skills needed to be active and resilient citizens.  I strongly believe in the importance of students being explicitly taught how to learn; and how to critically analyse, retain and apply what they have learned.”

After working in leadership roles in other industries, Jane became a teacher when her children were very young. She has thoroughly enjoyed teaching in both country and metropolitan schools. In the last 10 years, she has also worked as a Deputy Principal and Principal in multiple schools. Jane is passionate about embedding research-proven strategies into the schools and is committed to lifelong learning through post graduate studies.

School Size & Languages

Treeby Primary School welcomes children from Kindergarten to Year Six. Approximately 450-480 students are expected in 2024, including 100 Kindy students.

Over 50% of Treeby Primary students speak at least two languages.  There are 37  languages, other than English, spoken by students at the school.

State of the Art Facilities

treeby primary school facilities science

  • Noise Reduction – The local community and Treeby Primary students enjoy a siren free school. This provides a calm environment for student learning whilst also reducing noise in the surrounding community. Teachers communicate with students about their school start, finish, and break times.
  • Support – There are many supporting structures and staff including an onsite School Psychologist, Wellbeing Officer (former Chaplains) and a Community Health Nurse.
  • After school care – The school also provides a before/ after school and holiday service through their OSH Club.
  • Buildings – The school comprises an administration block, early childhood building with an associated playground, three general learning classroom blocks, library, canteen and covered assembly area.
  • Dental –  There is also a dental therapy centre attached to the administration building to offer students additional dental health care
  • Outdoors – The school has an oval, two hard courts, cricket practice nets, shaded playgrounds and breakout areas for children to play and learn outdoors.

“As a new school we are incredibly fortunate to have state-of-the-art facilities including a purpose-built science/art room, and a dedicated music room.  All classrooms enjoy reverse-cycle air conditioning and are equipped with the resources needed for our students to learn and reach their potential,” Principal Westcott says.

treeby primary school playground

Enrolments & Intake Area

The local intake area map can be viewed here.  The entire Lake Treeby Estate is within the local intake area of Treeby Primary School.

The school welcomes enquiries and applications to enrol while houses are still being built. Families are encouraged to contact the school on (08) 6174 9900 directly for a tour and discussion about the individual needs of their child.

About The Treeby Primary Logo

lake treeby primary school logo landscape

The Treeby Primary School Logo consists of two adjoining images of a gem and a leaf. The gem image is reflective of the school site, which was previously a mineral sand mine, reflected in the surrounding streets, named after precious gems. The gem symbol also reflects the diverse community coming together to build connections and help students shine. The leaf is connected to the Treeby family’s market garden established in 1895 and the veins on the leaf demonstrate that while the rates of growth amongst children differ, they all belong to make each other stronger.

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If you want to walk or ride to school from beautiful surroundings, check our land for sale at Lake Treeby or get in touch with our sales team on +61 488 111 067.


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