What’s On Our New Mural by Brenton See

Brenton See completed a colourful wall mural at Lake Treeby to showcase the local flora and fauna of the greater Treeby area. 

lake treeby brenton see mural concept lake treeby

About Brenton See

Brenton See is a Perth artist who uses local nature to create custom wall murals. The excitement of sharing the flora and fauna of Western Australia keeps Brenton motivated in his journey to educate the world on just how lucky we are to share our planet with such wonders.

Complimentary to his art, he is a keen photographer and birdwatcher.  As a young child, he bred Australian finches and parrots in a large outdoor aviary he built with his father. He also volunteered at the local fauna rehabilitation centre as a teenager, to care for sick and injured wildlife.  

Brenton spends significant time researching each mural. His work focuses on celebrating the native species found within 15km of the wall he is painting. This makes each artwork unique to the place and helps to educate the local community on what can be found nearby.

Spotting the local flora and fauna

Our Brenton See mural includes local flora and fauna found in the City of Cockburn suburbs. See if you can spot these in the mural. We’ve put in some examples below!

Peacock Spider – Maratus gemmifer

whats-on-our-new-mural-by-brenton-see-lake-treeby-perth-western-australia-peacock spider-maratus-gemmifer

Female Carnaby’s Cockatoo


Female Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo


Male Carnaby’s Cockatoo


Blue Banded Bee


Bush Cockroach – Ellipsidion humerale


Pink Summer Calytrix – Calytrix fraseri 


brenton see mural lake treeby art pink flowers and birds pink summer flower

Slender Banksia – Bansia attenuata


Prickly Bitter-pea – Daviesia horrida


brenton see mural lake treeby art

Splendid Fairy Wren


Motorbike Frog 


Green Crab Spider on Hibbertia hypericoides


brenton see mural lake treeby art close up spider

Jewel Beetle – Castiarina sanguinolenta on Spiked Scholtzia


Common Bluetail – Ischnura heterosticta



You can find it on the walls that frame the northern park link that runs into the lake park, between the park edge homes. 


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