Lake Treeby Vision

A unique neighbourhood designed to enhance your health and wellbeing and give you a better quality of life.

Live Well

Lake Treeby is a place where residents can have a better quality of life because of our design and initiatives.  And this is what we strive to be known for.

Our design focus is on providing a community that encourages and enables good physical and mental health. It’s a place that promotes better general wellbeing.


Building Community

We’re making a great neighbourhood that celebrates cultural diversity and encourages neighbourly interaction.  We help our residents to build connection opportunities and support networks, as well as helping people feel like they belong.

  • We hold regular ‘get to know your neighbour’ community events and employ a Community Development Officer to help develop community events, groups and clubs. We start activities before people have even moved in.
  • A major sporting oval for cricket, soccer and AFL will provide a focal point for the people of Lake Treeby, with a sports pavilion, club rooms and community centre.
  • The Lake and public open space areas are designed for all ages, encouraging community interaction.
  • In our master-planned neighbourhood, you can walk to recreation areas, nature reserves, parks, ovals, school and the lake.
  • We have a unique Community Tree near the Lake, made from recycled steel. Every purchaser at Lake Treeby will have a unique engraved leaf placed on this tree.
  • We’ll grow fruit trees in the streets for our local community.  Here you can pick fruit and meet your neighbours. 
  • Street parklets encourage street level neighbour interaction, including library boxes for book swapping, bird bath, hopscotch and more.
  • We have a dedicated chat space near the lake.
  • Our ‘Get To Know Your Neighbour’ initiatives encourage and enable you to share contact details with your neighbours after purchase (with consent).
  • Our Lake Treeby Residents Facebook group provides an easy platform for our residents to communicate with each other.
  • We’ve adopted a ‘Made in WA’ approach as much as possible.
lake treeby land for sale vision kids playing jump rope

Green Space

Green, open space helps people to feel calm and grounded.  It provides fresh clean air and good spaces for physical activity or relaxation.

  • Over 33% of Lake Treeby is green space.
  • Large mature shady trees and dedicated recreation parks create beautiful spaces to enhance your mood and encourage outdoor activity.
  • The park area surrounding the lake includes walking paths around the entire lake, a nature play zone, an exercise deck for yoga and pilates, seating and BBQs.
  • Our peace and wellbeing zone includes stretching and relaxation areas right near the lake.
  • We will install outdoor exercise stations, meaning that you can use an outdoor gym for free, anytime you want.
  • We’ve recycled some of the stunning white ‘calsil’ bricks in our landscaping features and used natural materials from the land in our nature play area. We’ve even used recycled paper in our sales and marketing materials.
  • We rescued and relocated some mature palm trees that were marked to be removed from an old rural property that will be urbanised. These waterwise trees have been moved into Lake Treeby as part of our sustainable landscaping initiatives.
  • Lake Treeby has a water sensitive urban design.
  • Our estate plan includes a dog exercise area, where your dog can run free.


Our location and amenities save people time on their day-to-day essentials, so they can have more time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

  • Lake Treeby is very close to shops, public transport, schools and everything you need.
  • The Freeway, Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre, and Cockburn Central train station are all less than 5km away.
  • Perth city is just 20 minutes away.
  • Existing schools are nearby.  Treeby Primary School opened in 2022 and Piara Waters Senior High School opened in 2023.
  • Display homes from a 20 home display village began opening in Lake Treeby in late 2023.

Feeling Safe

We’ve adopted many design features to ensure you feel safe and secure at Lake Treeby.

  • Lake Treeby is a private estate in a good location.
  • We have good street lighting for evening walks.
  • Uncluttered open spaces help people to feel safe at night.
  • Thoughtful road designs help to slow traffic.
  • Every road also has a footpath so you can walk safely throughout the estate.
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Live Well, learn plenty, laugh often, love much.
Ralph Waldo Emerson