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Lake Treeby land is now selling. Our land for sale is in a premium neighbourhood that has been designed to enhance your health and wellbeing.


Lot Frontage Land Size Price
55512m295m2$271,000View Lot
55912.5m375m2$329,000View Lot
61115m300m2$268,000View Lot
61212m295m2$265,000View Lot
62012.72m317m2$271,000View Lot
62112.5m250m2$240,000View Lot
63912.5m375m2$325,000View Lot
66112.5m350m2$305,000View Lot
66212.5m347m2$304,000View Lot
66412.69m335m2$286,000View Lot
66812.5m400m2$350,000View Lot
66912.5m400m2$350,000View Lot
67015m480m2EOIView Lot
67412.5m350m2$305,000View Lot
68012.5m350m2$301,000View Lot
68115.5m398m2$341,000View Lot
68212.5m319m2$280,000View Lot
68915m354m2$320,000View Lot
69012.5m375m2$323,000View Lot
69212.5m374m2$327,000View Lot
69312.5m376m2$327,000View Lot
69415m450m2EOIView Lot

Bloom Precinct

Our Bloom precinct is to the west of the beautiful lake area and south of a landscaped park, with a meandering pathway and casual seating areas. Behind the park is a stunning backdrop of native flora and fauna, which includes many rare and endangered species, such as the Carnaby black cockatoo and spider orchid.


Several other smaller parks include a central pocket park with an element of fitness activity, with mature tree planting and areas of relaxation.  There will also be an occasional ‘parklet’ with large trees, seats and a community element, such as a book exchange box or vegetable box.  These are built to add to the shade and amenity in the street.

Lake treeby land for sale bbq cricket kids 2000x860

Mixed Lot Sizes

An outdoor education zone with shade sails is also proposed for this precinct.  This is a place where children could have outdoor sessions to learn about the natural environment, or adults can listen to guest speakers on a variety of subjects.


A variety of land will be available within Bloom, including a mix of 400m2+ lots that are suitable for second/third home buyers, as well as smaller lots for first home buyers or those wanting low maintenance living.

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